“Bedtime rituals comfort and reassure a mom and her little one. Only the mother’s voice is heard, as she directs the action. She plays a recognition game first, asking her toddler to tweak ears, push nose, flap arms, clap hands and more. Movement and exercise are added along with some tickling and stroking. A pet dog mimics the actions with a toy rabbit partner, playing along with the humans. Of course, it concludes with hugs and kisses all around. . . A charming bedtime read-aloud.” – Kirkus Online, June 1, 2014

“A stuffed bunny cavorting on the endpapers as well as a puppy, bunny in its mouth, standing guard by a bed in the following scene, usher children into this delightful bedtime ritual. Mom is tucking her little one in for the night by engaging the youngster in activities identifying body parts. Of course, tucking-in wouldn’t be complete without a loving hug and kiss. example. Mom, at first invisible or in partial view, fills the last pages as she enfolds her child in a warm embrace.” – Marianne. School Library Journal

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