I’ve written countless elementary reading and science texts, with a smattering of middle and high school projects thrown in. Texts usually must be written to a particular grade level, using specific vocabulary, and meeting certain state standards. The books are also supposed to be engaging and creative. Writing them developed my research skills and ability to write about a variety of subjects. Some of my poems, stories, and older picture books are also listed.

by: Carole Gerber
by: Carole Gerber
by: Carole Gerber
by: Carole Gerber
by: Carole Gerber

Along the Nile
Where’s Violet?
The Creepy Camp Out
The Human Circulatory System
Caring for Your Heart
A Christmas Eve Alphabet
The Golden Christmas Tree
SRA/McGraw-Hill, GR 4 Social Studies
Biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands
Camouflage: Hiding in Plain Sight
Carlos Finlay: Mosquito Man
America on the Move
Jamal’s Journal of a Flood
Harcourt Achieve Take 3,TE
Harcourt Science Facts,TE
How About That! (Biography)
Freedom and Responsibility Reading Text
Strange Tales About Animals
Solar-Powered Homes
Elements of the Human Body
Great Strides Reading Program
Penpals Across the Pacific
Ways to Get From Here to There
The Human Muscle System
Once There Were Two:
The Negro Baseball League
56 Pre- and Post-Tests for Grammar Text
Secrets Your Handwriting Reveals
Parenting Rewards & Responsibilities
(high school text chapters)
Thunderstorms,Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes
Glencoe Middle School Science Reading Essentials
Elementary Grammar Series,
& weekly & unit tests
52 Blackline Masters for Composition Enrichment
World Book Encyclopedia,
Eight 1,000-word science essays
Leapfrog SchoolHouse,
15 “Leap into Literacy” stories
20 Prek-K TE lessons, LeapFrog SchoolHouse
Collections, Harcourt Fourth Grade Reading Series,TE
The Ghost Fox
The Mouse Bride
The Mountain is on Fire
Spring Wigglers (Poem)
Two Porquoi Tales
Our National Symbol
Fireflies Are Amazing!
Why Wind and Water Fight
Mathematics in Action (essays)
King Midas and the Golden Touch (Retold)
The Iliad Retold Epic
Annual Report, OhioHealth
Composition Text, TE
Maria’s Trip to the Museum
Reading passages for Grades 2, 3 & 7
A Day in the Life of an American Eagle
A Day in the Arctic: Eat or Be Eaten
Eduardo’s Bus Trip (“Big Book”)
Physician’s Guide to Practical Marketing
Turn Your Kid into a Computer Genius
Reading Passages, Texas & Iowa Skills Tests
Patient Education Cancer Brochure
Breast, Prostate, Thyroid, Lung
Composition Text, TE, 15 chapters
Composition Text, Pupil Edition, 2 chapters
Earth’s Crust
The Time Machine Retold Classic
Robinson Crusoe Retold Classic
Grammar Text, Teacher Edition
Skills for Growing (life skills/drug education)
Master Comprehension,K-6, basic skills
workbook series (1+ million in print!)
Texas Assessment of Academic Skills
SRA Elementary Science Series,4 chapters
Language Roundup Gr. 2 grammar text
Glencoe Essentials of Reading books 4 & 6
Shoofly, An Audiomagazine for Children
( Poems in Vols. 4 & 5)
Storytelling in Our Multicultural World
Proceedings: Preserving a Quality Environment for Learning, OSU
Components of Quality Campus Environments in Europe, OSU
Components of Quality Campus Environments, OSU