Poems to Share

You are welcome to share these poems with your students. I will continue to add new ones!

Puddle Duck
© Carole Gerber

Spring puddles are the best kind.
Don’t you love a muddy one?
To jump over it is thrilling
To jump in it is more fun.

To feel your shoes get soaky
To feel your socks scrunch up
To feel your toes, slow pokies,
Wiggle wetly, Puddle Duck.


Spring Dance
© Carole Gerber

Dance with me now
in the greenness of springtime.

Dance with me here
in the bright, tender grass.

Whirl with me here
as the leaves sprout above us
and the fresh air surrounds us,
transparent as glass.

Sit with me here
in the lap of our Mother.

Rest with me here
on our good Mother Earth.

Lie with me now
as we breathe in her green smell,
her annual spring smell of birth.

© Carole Gerber

we watch with
dancing, swirling
blowing, lifting
shifting, sifting



How Does the Garden Grow?
© Carole Gerber

Beans hang limber as dancers
in the breeze the morning wind makes.
Tomatoes stand solid as soldiers,
propped up at attention on stakes.

Strawberries grow juicy and red-tipped,
tangled up in a leafy green mound.

Potatoes — who knows what they’re up to?
Poor things, they’re stuck underground!