A Tree For Me

There are amazing trees that live in our world—yellow poplar, American beech, crape myrtle, and so many more! But how do you know which ones are which? Follow along in this heart warming tale as a father lovingly teaches his son to identify eight common trees in a park and then surprises him with his … Read more

P is for Purr

I have always been a lover of alphabet books. They’re simplistic yet many times contain a wealth of information as does P is for Purr! Each letter, from A to Z, gets a full two- page spread. The illustrations are stunning; I love the big eyes on all the cats. There are 2-3 sentences for … Read more

How You Came to Be

Starting from the moment “a wiggly little cell from another/ joined with a round little cell from me,” and written from the intimate perspective of a gestational parent speaking to their fetus, this fact-filled, lyrical book takes young readers month by month through the stages of prenatal development. . .  A loving and encouraging intro … Read more

The Gifts of the Animals – A Christmas Tale

Loosely based on a 12th century Latin song, this story imagines how the animals in the celebrated Bethlehem stable might have made way for Jesus’s birth. In realistic illustrations, each docile beast offers its own preparation in turn: “The ox that stands in the drafty shed/ drops straw into a manger bed”; “The sheep tear … Read more

If You’re Scary and You Know It

If You’re Scary and You Know It! Introduces eight adorably creepy characters for kids to play and play with. . . the clever and enticingly impish rhymes will have them moving their feet, yowling ghoulishly, and laughing together. Gerber’s rich language and detailed action-packed storytelling are a joy to sing or read aloud and give … Read more

A Band of Babies

“Benny, a newcomer to play group, exudes energy as he toddles into a room filled with bored babies, whose eyes brighten with anticipation. After Benny pulls a drum from a toy box, his playmates follow suit, and Gerber’s story takes off—as do the babies. . . It’s an exuberant celebration of toddlers’ willful, can’t-be-stopped independence, … Read more

10 Busy Brooms

“A jaunty counting story as a witch with “a long, speedy broom” invites nine of her compatriots to join her for a ride. Though the rhymes often suggest the witches are in a degree of peril (“3 little witches zipping through the night/ saw a ghost haunt a witch as she jumped in fright”), Fleming … Read more

Jessica McBean, Tap Dance Queen

Jessica is tired of being teased about her size – skinny – and her hobby – tap dancing – by two boys in her class. She gets the last laugh when she teams up with her beagle, Elvis, and her bus driver, Ralph Zizzmore, and surprises everyone at her school talent show. Chapter Book, Blooming … Read more

Hush! A Gaelic Lullaby

From School Library Journal: “Gerber’s lyric quatrains in Hush! A Gaelic Lullaby smoothly tell the story of getting baby to sleep as a storm rolls in on a coastal Irish farm. Sister takes down the wash, brother gathers peat, mother brings it in, grandpa brings in the sheep, father fastens the shutters, grandma builds the fire, … Read more

Arctic Dreams

From Bookwatch: “Carole Gerber’s Arctic Dreams is cast in the form of a free-verse poem in which an Eskimo mother spins a story that takes her sleepy child on a journey through the Arctic. The mother’s vivid descriptions prompt the Eskimo child to imagine that he is part of every scene, experiencing the grandeur of this … Read more


From Booklist: “Using short, rhyming phrases, a little boy contrasts the wintry weather outside with the cozy comfort he’s enjoying indoors: ‘Outside the snow is piling up./Inside, hot cocoa fills my cup./Outside the snow surrounds a tree./Inside, a soft quilt covers me./’ Children will enjoy the short, rhyming phrases, which create familiar, concrete images. Accessible to … Read more

Firefly Night

From Booklist: “In this lovely story, inspired by lines from Longfellow’s ‘The Song of Hiawatha,’ a young Chippewa girl asks the wah-wah-taysee (firefly) to use its light to guide her home through the forest. . . . Lyrical rhyming stanzas are rhythmic and soothing; enchanting, luminous watercolor-and-pencil art, richly detailed, captures the magic and wonder of … Read more

Tales Of Old Columbus

Published by the Columbus Historical Society, Through Children’s Eyes is the first new Columbus history book for children published in 40 years. Within its 58 pages are seven historical fiction stories researched and written by the author. Each is told from the perspective of the main character, an 8-year-old child. Topics include a child’s experience with the … Read more

Little Red Bat

“Generating sympathy for a bat isn’t always easy. Gerber pulls it off, though, thanks to some rewarding research and an engagingly repetitive structure. A little red bat hangs among the autumn leaves and wonders if she should stay in her tree or fly south. One by one, she meets a cast of woodland creatures, each … Read more

Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer

“This inspiring picture-book biography of a trailblazer in the field presents insight into the challenges of women interested in science during the late 19th and early 20th centuries… The realistic illustrations capture the time period and complement the text. This title will be a welcome addition to collections looking for biographies of women scientists, or … Read more

Stingrays: Underwater Fliers

“This nonfiction early reader gives facts about stingrays in an engaging, uncomplicated way. A mixture of photographs and illustrations complement the text well. This would be a helpful resource for student research projects, or a good leveled reader for middle-elementary nonfiction lovers.” Kiss the Book.blogspot.com. Laurie rated it 5 of 5 stars “Text is easy … Read more

Leaf Jumpers

Selected as one of 20 Choose to Read Ohio titles for 2015 and 2016 (http://www.library.ohio.gov/ctro) Choose to Read Ohio (CTRO) spotlights Ohio authors and promotes reading across Ohio. Each CTRO booklist highlights selected books and provides free, downloadable, resource-packed readers’ toolkits for current and past CTRO books. Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association Grade Level: K-4 … Read more

Winter Trees

Selected for the 2008 John Burroughs Young Readers List. “Winter Trees is an excellent addition to the distinguished books that have been added to the list in the past. The books selected for the list have to meet a demanding list of criteria that require that the book deals with nature with: Reality, Respect, Accuracy, … Read more

Spring Blossoms

“An ode to the beauty of the season, this book is a catalogue of flowering trees that will charm children. Written in rhyming couplets, Gerber’s spare text leaves plenty of room on the page for Evans’s luscious bursts of color, including all the fresh pinks and greens one would witness on a fine spring day. … Read more


“Bedtime rituals comfort and reassure a mom and her little one. Only the mother’s voice is heard, as she directs the action. She plays a recognition game first, asking her toddler to tweak ears, push nose, flap arms, clap hands and more. Movement and exercise are added along with some tickling and stroking. A pet dog mimics the … Read more