The Poetry Friday Anthology

The Poetry Friday Anthology by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong offers a set of 36 poems for each grade level, K-5 (a poem-a-week for the 9 months of the typical school year). Drawing on decades of experience in classrooms all over the world as well as volumes of academic research and writing, this book presents … Read more

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School

Poems compiled for this anthology by Professor Sylvia Vardell and Poet Janet Wong include examples of many techniques, forms, and elements—rhyme, repetition, and rhythm; metaphor and simile; personification; onomatopoeia; hyperbole; dramatic irony; and different poetic formats, including haiku, sonnet, and reverse. (Pomelo Books, (2013) “Find a place for this book on your desk since you’ll … Read more

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science

“A collection of the best science poetry ever written for children – with a twist.” NSTA Recommended Book. Compiled by Professor Sylvia Vardell and Poet Janet Wong, the book features 248 poems about a variety of science topics written by 78 award-winning poets. (Pomelo Books, 2014) Two of my poems are featured: “Tornado” and “Seeking … Read more

One Minute Till Bedtime

It’s time for tuck-in, and your little one wants just one more moment with you–so fill it with something that will feed the imagination, fuel a love of reading, and send them off to sleep in a snap. Reach for a one-minute poem! Former Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt presents a blockbuster collection of all-new … Read more

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations in English and Spanish

In this book, you’ll find twelve special celebrations for each month and twelve poems for “Birthdays & Baby Days” – so get ready to have a poetry party! All poems are printed in both English and Spanish. If you like hats, or pets, or getting letters, or riding your bike, or eating cookies, or solving puzzles, or reading, … Read more