A Band of Babies

“Benny, a newcomer to play group, exudes energy as he toddles into a room filled with bored babies, whose eyes brighten with anticipation. After Benny pulls a drum from a toy box, his playmates follow suit, and Gerber’s story takes off—as do the babies. . . It’s an exuberant celebration of toddlers’ willful, can’t-be-stopped independence, and Gerber’s carefully crafted rhymes and Dyer’s cherubic portraits balance tenderness and mischief on each page.” Publishers Weekly May 2017

“All the babies in the group are waiting for inspiration when . . . a precocious arrives and stirs things up. He pulls out toy instruments, and the little ones bang and toot and form a parade. The exuberant crew heads for the market next door and grabs some food supplies, causing quite a bit of gleeful mayhem, tumbling items from the shelves. After eating all their snacks right there in the market—and leaving a prodigious mess—they begin to tire and . . . return to play-group headquarters for naptime. Gerber employs lilting syntax with bouncy rhymes that move those babies across the pages until they collapse in a sleepy heap.” Kirkus, May 2017

Named by Amazon as a Best New Book of 2017.

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